Share the Wealth through Race Club Membership

by Rich Fisher
What’s the best way to feel like a big spender without having to spend big? Simply buy a share of a fractional stable or one like Two Breeds Racing Club. .

From folks who always yearned to be horse owners, to those who never even followed the ponies, fractional ownership has become a great way to live out a dream, draw new interest to the sport and bring more fans to the tracks. “Fractional ownership provides the excitement of owning a horse without the type of risk or expense that other owners face,” And rest assured, they are thrilled.

“It’s one thing to get excited about betting a horse, but it’s a whole different feeling when you have a part of that horse,” said Dan Poprawski. “Even if it’s only 1 percent, they get the special thrill when a horse they own is behind the gate. It’s a special rush people get when they get involved in ownership, even if it’s just a little bit.”

“When you watch people watch these horses race, they forget that they own less than 1 percent of the horse,” said Howard Pearce. “They think they own the whole horse; that it’s their horse.”

From the stable operator’s standpoint, it is good for the sport in that it introduces a new element to harness racing.

“Whenever a horse in the HorsePlay group races, we always have somewhere between 20 and 50 people there, depending on how the horse is doing and when the race is,” said Jessica Schroeder. “Four members might come; they’ll bring a wife, a son, a granddaughter. I not only know the 40 owners, I know their husbands and brothers. I’ve met a lot of people; it’s really neat.”