Mark Hetherman

For over 35 years Mark has worked in executive marketing and operations; a career known for delivering and sustaining revenue and profit gains within highly competitive Canadian & U.S. markets. His career is highlighted by large corporations and smaller entrepreneurial operations have developed a business acumen to run a successful business. He has worked with Sears, Heinz, Rogers Communication, Dupont Distributor, and last ten years as an entrepreneur in the Hockey World, operating Junior Teams, Leagues, and Instruction business for minor hockey aged players.

Mark also bought his first horse at the age of 26 in a stable setup as Fractional Ownership. (yes this style of ownership is not new) He has a 30-year relationship with trainer Robert Young owning parts of over 50 horses. All of Mark’s ownership in horses has been through non-structured partnerships, so he is very familiar in working with groups of people in the management of horses.

He has been a voice for the business with Standardbred Canada contributing to Harness Racing blog on their website and working for them as a marketing consultant.

He moved out of the horse business many years ago during struggles the sport had with the Provincial Government but is excited to get back in now that the sport has a long-term relationship with the government and support to the sport.

His entrepreneurial style along with his corporate experience makes him a perfect leader for the Racing Club.  

Larry Simpson

President, PONIES 24-7
Larry is a top achiever with a positive track record working within a diverse
portfolio of industries including publishing, advertising, sales and marketing, with over 35 years in the horse racing industry alone. Over these years, Larry has exhibited well rounded experience in business insight and marketing savvy, and has proven to be a resourceful problem solver and dedicated worker and his expertise in horse racing has included Executive and Managing Editor and Advertising Management positions for several horse racing titles including International Thoroughbred Digest, TROT Magazine, and the award winning Thoroughbred Style.

The latter, was one of the first horse racing Lifestyle publications ever, and was named one of the top new magazine launches in North America when released. Throughout the past 35 years, Larry has become very well-known within both the Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing circles, and is highly recognized by Executive and Management and officials of North American and International racetracks and associations.

He is also an avid and passionate writer, horseplayer, handicapper, and marketer of both Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing and besides his publishing, editorial and advertising sales skills, Larry conducts handicapping seminars for both breeds.

In addition, he is a major proponent for the education of new racing fans through publications like PONIES 24-7, and initiatives that develop ‘fresh’ demographics for racing, produce cultured bettors and promote the value of the horse racing and ‘Lifestyle’ advertising space!

Recognizing the value of the affluent ‘Lifestyle’ market, Larry’s experience also has
included developing inserts and magazines for both hockey and the high-end luxury
boating industry.