Considering the Purchase of a Two Breeds Membership

Is it your dream to be in the Winner’s Circle but are worried about the costs and risks involved? Now you are able to be part of a horse racing stable through our unique membership based Racing Club. Receive the benefits of owning racehorses, and with less cost and minimal risk and hopefully, we will help make your dreams come true through TWO BREEDS RACING CLUB! However, we also know from experience that anyone interested in owning a racehorse has many questions and concerns.  In this post, we provide basic information and advice for new racehorse owners or anyone contemplating purchasing a racehorse.

The best advice is –  before making a racehorse investment – investigate thoroughly, ask questions, read trade publications, review related websites, attend racetracks and makes calls to industry organizations.

There are many ways to be involved in ownership, sole ownership (owning 100% of a racehorse), fractional and syndicate ownership (owning a percentage of shares of a racehorse with a group), and Racing Clubs.


We believe that Two Breeds Racing Club gives you the opportunity to invest in both Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds, and have some fun with minimal risk. During your year as a Club member, There could be annual inflation costs or increases in industry charges that would only take effect on membership renewal.